06/04/15  -  Vietnam Reunion in Chandler, Oklahoma

07/22/15  -  Veterans History Project Interview, Marshfield, MA

10/21/05  -  Internet book article in "Legiontown"  

11/11/15  -  MWRA Veterans Day Celebration, Chelsea, MA

12/18/15  -  Veterans' Voice Radio Show, WATD FM (Tape #82) 

02/26/16  -  Jordan Rich Show, WBZ, Boston, MA 

03/06/16  -  Vietnam Reunion(2nd Platoon) Myrtle Beach, SC 

05/10/16 -  Donated Vietnam items to Smithsonian in DC

​09/17/16 -  Book signing at Bass Pro Shops, Foxboro, MA

​11/11/16 - Book signing at Bass Pro Shops, Foxboro, MA

​06/22/17 - Veterans' Voice Radio Show interview

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